Like the warm, fuzzy blanket of static languages? Maybe you do but feel there’s a lot of ceremony? Are you wondering how to live in the wild west of JavaScript where square pegs and round holes are good friends? Perhaps you’ve been doing JavaScript since back when VB Script in your browser was somehow a thing and now want to see what the cool kids are up to? In either case, come learn about TypeScript!

Ian starts with some simple JavaScript and see how you can adopt TypeScript incrementally to turn the knob of type checking from zero to hero without getting frustrated. Use union types, intersection types like a pro without even realising they’re there. You’ll see how ES6-style classes are translated for you into simple closures with simple encapsulation. Bring some namespace discipline to your code. Learn to lean on the compiler to help you but still let you write your idiomatic JavaScript.

If you fear JavaScript or consider it a toy, watch this video and see how you can get started. For those who plan their day as a series of ES6 promises and consider void 0 the epitome of undefined checking, it can’t hurt to see how some types can spice up your life.

About the speakers

About the speakers

Mr TypeScript

Ian is a Technical Manager at Medical IT Pty Ltd.

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