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Adam Cogan interviews Xamarin employee Glenn Stephens. Alec Tucker talks about his experience with Xamarin University.

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About the speakers

About the speakers


Glenn Stephens has worn many hats over the years including Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Solution Architect, Software Development Manager and Programmer. Glenn has led a variety of teams to success in all manner of areas from High-End Security, e-health, Finance as a developer, a solutions architect and as a product manager.

During Glenn’s career the products that he designed and managed have received numerous accolades. From special award for Outstanding Performance as an Architect at the Commonwealth Bank to winning Channel Nine’s Small Business Show e-commerce product of the year for a product he designed and implemented with a team he managed.

Today Glenn runs Orchard ebusiness a company specializing in business based software solutions. Most of this work is spent either designing and/or developing iOS and Android applications as well as rich AJAX based web applications.

Alec Tucker has a very broad experience of IT companies, having been involved at director level for 8 years, in both the UK and South Africa.

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