Why React really is different | Jake Ginnivan at DDD Melbourne 2015

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SSW TV was proud the cover this years' DDD conference in Melbourne. In this video, Jake Ginnivan - a Senior Consultant at Readify - takes us through the React framework. From the presentation description: There ha...

AngularJS in the Enterprise – 10 Lessons from the trenches | Duncan Hunter

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In this talk Duncan covers the 10 main questions any developer will have to ask themselves when making an Angular application in .NET today. The talk covers the following: A brief introduction to Angular and ...

The Internet of Things: Ilija Injac on all things IoT and .NET

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In this video, Chris Briggs and Jeremy Cade sit down with IoT aficionado and Microsoft Azure MVP, Ilija Injac, to discuss the current state of Windows 10 IoT and the state of the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework. Sho...

Scott Allen on the History of Visual Studio

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In this video, SSW's Adam Cogan talks with Scott Allen on the history of Visual Studio. Which version of Visual Studio are you on?

Software Startups – from Australia to the U.S.A. with Rob Castaneda

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Adam Cogan sits down with Rob Castaneda to discuss the process of moving to America from Australia to start his company, ServiceRocket. Take the Quiz!

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How to Implement Scrum Using Team Foundation Server 2012 with Gerard Beckerleg

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Today, 84% of Agile teams are using Scrum. Gerard will guide you through what’s new in Team Foundation Server 2012, changes in the Visual Studio Scrum template, how to use the new Agile project management tools, an...

Best new features of SharePoint 2013 + top tips from 4 SharePoint experts

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In this fast paced video, Gerard Beckerleg - Solution Architect at SSW - took an opportunity to interview 4 SharePoint experts at this years' SharePoint Saturday event in Sydney. They offer some fantastic tips and ...

Why C++ is Better Than C# with Kate Gregory

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Kate Gregory explains in language that a C# guy can understand, what is cool about C++ She then explains: Templates vs Generics Libraries C++ AMP C# Bottlenecks/Pitfalls Unit Testing – Testing code with...

How To Use Microsoft Lync 2013, Integrated with a VOIP Phone System with Brooke Rooney

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SSW's own Brooke Rooney walks us through the ins and outs of using Microsoft Lync 2013 when integrated with an office VOIP phone system.

Scrum at Microsoft: See the TFS Agile Team do a Scrum (aka Stand Up)

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Short Version Scrum is a hot topic of discussion for many IT professionals. The Scrum Guide defines the Daily Scrum (aka Daily Stand-Up) but does not prescribe a way to implement it. Every team is different and no...

What’s New in Visual Studio 2012 – Code Review and Feedback Features with Mark Groves

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Adam Cogan interviews Mark Groves from Microsoft about Visual Studio 2012. They discuss: Mark Groves' history at Microsoft What's new in Visual Studio 2012 What the best new features are How someone can review s...