How to set up an awesome build process for Angular2 using Gulp and TypeScript

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In this video, Duncan Hunter - SSW Software Architect - interviews Minko Gechev and Ludovic Henin about Angular2, Gulp and TypeScript. The interview starts off talking about how to use TypeScript for your gulpfile ...

API Management | Dev Superpowers Episode 19 – Danijel Malik

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The area of multi-platform development is rapidly evolving, and APIs are becoming key components in modern solutions. While ASP.NET WebAPI gives you almost everything to build a great API, there are a few areas to ...

ASP.NET 5 De-bamboozled – Lessons I wish some-one else had learned | Adam Stephensen

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The change from ASP.NET 4 to 5 brings a whole lot of awesome to web development, but it’s the biggest change since MVC was introduced and the learning curve is massive. SSW shipped two enterprise apps on ASP.NET 5...

What is a compiler? We thought we knew… | Mads Torgersen at DDD Brisbane 2015

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SSW TV was proud to sponsor and record 2015's DDD event in Brisbane. This video features Mads Torgersen, Program Manager at Microsoft, who talks about compilers, specifically Roslyn. This is a fascinating talk a...

Windows Server Containers: What do I need to know as a ASP.NET Developer? | Jeremy Cade at DDD Brisbane 2015

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SSW TV was proud to sponsor the 2015 DDD event in Brisbane. In this session, Jeremy Cade talks to us about Windows Server Containers. From the description: The game has changed: Containers, once the the sole ...

Getting Agile with Testing with Sam Guckenheimer

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Adam Cogan interviews Sam Guckenheimer about: Visual Studio Testing Agile Dev Ops Incremental Versioning Source Control Take the Quiz!

SSW TV now provides more valuable learning material by offering the opportunity to test whether or not you learnt the information in the video. Check it out!

Xamarin, Cordova and Mobile Apps with Jesse Liberty

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In this video, Adam Cogan talks with Jesse Liberty about mobile app development, specifically using Xamarin and Cordova. Take the Poll! Have you released a Xamarin App?

AngularJS with TypeScript made easy with Duncan Hunter | Dev SuperPowers #9 | Duncan Hunter

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Learn how to harness the power of Typescript in your AngularJS projects. Setting up TypeScript with AngularJS for the first time can be challenging but in this session we make using this fantastic duo a piece of cake....

Sneak Peek: VSO Enhancer with Tiago Pascoal

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Tiago gives Adam a quick tour to VSO Enhancer. A product he is developing, to enable Visual Studio Online users (since the video has been recorded support for TFS 2013 on premises as been added) to get a more streamli...

Agile in the Enterprise – Lessons Learned in the Real World

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Happy New Year from the SSW TV team! We're kickstarting the year by releasing a video special. It's an in-depth interview featuring a real life product owner who talks to us about his perspectives using Agile on a ...

How to Estimate in Software Development with Gerard Beckerleg | #NoEstimates

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After his successful session last year on Agile Scrum, our resident Scrum White Robe Gerard Beckerleg is at it again, except this time he's taking on one of the most divisive topics in software development: Estimation...

Top 3 Features of Xamarin 3 in Under 3 Minutes!

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The release of Xamarin 3 brings a number of significant feature enhancements to create cross platform applications. In this short video, David Burela - SSW Solution Architect - looks at the top 3 features of Xamari...

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC5 | Dev Superpowers Episode #1 | David Burela

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SSW is proud to introduce a new series of Webinars for developers. Every month, we introduce a new superpower from the Microsoft stack of technologies. In the first episode, we look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5. David...

Web API | Dev Superpowers Episode #2 | David Burela

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SSW TV is happy to present Episode 2 of the Dev Superpower series. In this episode, David Burela takes us through adding Web Api to an ASP .NET MVC website. David will show you how to expose your data in a stand...

Getting Started with SignalR | Dev Superpowers Episode #3 | David Burela

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In Episode 3 of the Dev SuperPower series, you'll learn how ... SignalR enables real time communications between a client & server. Rather than a client polling for updates, the server can now push updates to t...