10 Surprising Lessons from Writing a Book | Matt Goldman | SSW User Group

Join Matt Goldman, web and mobile developer, as he unveils his journey in writing ‘.NET MAUI in Action’. Dive into the untold stories behind the words, the support system that made it possible, and his vision for the future. Witness how passion turns into reality in the world of tech authorship.

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Red Point: a 3D Rock Climbing App Built with Unity & .NET MAUI | Matt Goldman & Matthew Robbins

Join us this MAUI UI July as we celebrate all things .NET MAUI. Matt Goldman from SSWTV interviews Matthew Robbins, the innovative mind behind Red Point, an app transforming rock climbing with technology.

Discover how Red Point uses 3D scanning and Unity integration to turn traditional guidebooks digital, making climbing safer and more accessible. From its conception to its rapid user growth, learn about the challenges, technical processes, and future plans for this groundbreaking app.


Understanding Enterprise Tier with Tina CMS | Will Liebenberg

Welcome to our exploration of the Enterprise tier in Tina CMS! In this video, William walks you through the intricacies of enterprise-level content management and why it matters for large-scale organizations. From understanding the unique needs of enterprise clients to exploring custom features and robust support, this guide covers it all.


Mob Programming + AWS Project Development Kit | Klee Thomas & Mark Tranter | Newcastle Coders Group

Join us for an exciting event featuring two great presenters at the SSW Newcastle office!

Talk 1: Mob Programming with Klee Thomas
On the other end of the spectrum, Klee Thomas will share his experiences with Mob Programming. Discover the benefits and challenges of this collaborative approach.

Talk 2: AWS Project Development Kit with Mark Tranter
Mark Tranter will dive into the AWS Project Development Kit in a live-coding heavy session. Get ready to see AWS in action and learn from an expert.

Our host, Matt Wicks, will kick things off with a quick tech news segment, keeping you updated on the latest in the tech world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and stay ahead in the tech game!

Tech News -June

Tech News #39 | Adam Cogan | GitHub Copilot Extensions

Welcome to this month’s edition of SSW Tech News! Join Adam Cogan as he brings you the latest updates and insights from the tech world. In this episode, we cover:

GitHub’s rollout of ARM64 on Actions for faster and cheaper builds
Microsoft Edge achieving a new market share milestone
The release of Next.js 15 with React 19 support
Plus, Adam shares his experiences from SSW France, NDC Oslo, and some intriguing Norwegian technology! Stay tuned for exciting GitHub Copilot extensions and updates on the latest AI and tech developments.


Modern Websites – Why Everyone is Choosing Next.JS & the Best Headless UI Library

Join Jack Pettit, who loves working on TinaCMS. Go through the foundational steps of using Next.JS, a React-based framework known for its efficiency and scalability.

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Getting started with Tina CMS | Matt Wicks

Welcome to our tutorial on getting started with Tina CMS! In this video, join Matt Wicks and learn how easy and powerful it is to use Tina CMS for managing your content. Whether you’re a seasoned JavaScript developer or new to the world of content management, this guide will help you set up and start using Tina CMS in no time.



How to Improve Your Architecture and Code Reviews with Marcel De Vries and Terje Sandstrom

Adam Cogan sits down with Marcel de Vries and Terje Sandstrom to breakdown the Software Development process.

Scrum at Microsoft: See the TFS Agile Team do a Scrum (aka Stand Up)

Scrum at Microsoft: See the TFS Agile Team do a Scrum (aka Stand Up)

In this video see a team at Microsoft (who are building the Agile project management tools used by millions of developers), perform their Daily Scrum. Commentary provided by Adam Cogan.


.NET To The Power of R1: An Introduction to R Development Language – TJ Gokcen

In this session, we will take a look at R from an introductory point of view and see how the power of R can be used by .NET developers.